Registration, Licenses and Permits

There are many online tools and support resources for determining how to structure your business, and which licenses your business requires. Follow the links below to get more information, or contact us today to book an appointment.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA – HST)

Not every business needs to register for an HST number. See the link to determine if it applies to you.

HST - How to Apply

Master Business License

What is a Master Business License?

A Master Business License (MBL) is proof of your business name registration. The MBL can be used as proof of business name registration at financial institutions and to facilitate other business-related transactions with the Ontario government.

How To Apply

Business-Specific Permits and Legal Compliance

Bizpal is an online tool provided by the Ontario Government to help identify the permits and licenses you may need to start or grow your business.



If there is a risk of third-party injury in relation to your business, or if you are hiring employees, you will need to get insurance.

Workplace Safety Insurance Board - WSIB

Municipal Business Licenses

Every Municipality is different. Contact your local municipal/township office to determine business license requirements in your area.